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Papa Bear ~ Furniture ~

I had a very busy but productive weekend, how was yours? 

Oh, I spent the weekend cleaning.  Doesn’t sound fun does it?  But it was exciting!

Why so excited about cleaning?  Well, because there was a little shopping involved as well 🙂

Now who doesn’t love shopping?  But wait, shopping and cleaning do not go together do they.  Well your right.  Unless you are a teenager and get paid for your chores.  Did anyone else have “chores” they had to do as a teenager for your weekend money? 

No, last time I check cleaning and shopping do not necessarily go together.  Nor am I a teenager, whew thank goodness!

But my cleaning and shopping did go together….

Because I received my new furniture this weekend!  I have only been waiting begging for new furniture for six years now!  🙂

112010 011

I had to go shopping for bed linens to go with my fabulous new bed 🙂

112010 010

112010 008

Love this pillow, aren’t the details amazing!

112010 009

Now our walls have been gray in the house for years.  The plan was to paint the room the blue that is in the pillow.  I insist on Tiffany Blue in the bedroom and master bath.  After all, it is being decorated for the diva of the house.  But once I put it all together, I am really loving the gray with the bed.  This also makes that lovely pillow “pop” with color!  And since the drapes will be black and white, with a black rug (eventually) I am thinking we should leave the walls in this room gray, what do you think?

We still have the nightstands from the set in our bedroom, which I had planned on painting white, but the more I think about it….I may buy new ones instead.  I haven’t made that decision yet. 

I didn’t take a picture of the old bedroom, sorry I forgot in all the excitement, but that set is now at home in the boy’s bedroom.  They are excited to have such a big bed

112010 004112010 001

We did have a queen bed before upgrading to a king.  Oh, and the book shelf was in the boy’s room already.  They on inherited the bed and the dresser.  The chest of drawers is currently at home in our closet to house our clothing items.  The one this I miss about the old bed vs. the new bed would be the height.  I love a high bed, the new one is low. 

Now for the living room.  Here are some before shoots.

 112010 009 112010 008

And now here are some after shots!

112010 005

112010 007

I am still waiting on drapes and rug for the living room as well.  I know what I want, it is just finding the right ones.  We are also planning to add in some additional furniture but still searching for the “right” pieces.  I am not one to settle.  I have the ideas and I am determined to find something reasonably priced to fit into my plans.  So I am releasing some between pictures to you guys, hopefully final pics will come soon enough. 

Of course I have some plans up my sleeve for the bathrooms and kitchen as well.  Those will come later.

So now I have to tell you guys that this is the “something” that I have had up my sleeve.  I have been planning and reading to work on home improvements/decor lately.  I didn’t want to share my plans until they all came together, but I am just to darn excited!

I will be sharing my house “renovation” with you guys along the way as we add here and there.  I would love any  and all suggestions, comments, advice, etc. that you have to offer.  I have an overall idea but details still need to be ironed out!  Any who better to ask than my bloggy best friends that read/search the net daily as well 🙂


So while I was watching some of my favorite food network shows this weekend, in between all the activity, Paula Deen had a show on breakfast with non other than Papa Bear Oatmeal.  Of course this was a fitting meal for me this morning.  Not only is it filling, but I use to have this type of oatmeal made for me by my Grandmother.  Oh and I have new “papa bear” furniture!  You know since we upsized to king bed and a big cushiony couch/chair. 

Now of course this recipe takes oats back old school, which is so delicious, but I had to clean it up a bit.  The original recipe calls for brown sugar, butter, and heavy cream.  You know I loved it as a kid, but that darn adult in me is telling me NO!  So we made some subs….

112010 013

Papa Bear Oatmeal

  • 1/3c oats, soaked in water (I use a 2/3c measuring cup and just fill to the top with water after I put in the oats)
  • 2T oats
  • 1/3c almond milk
  • 1/3c water
  • 1T chia seeds
  • 1 egg, beaten and tempered
  • dash of salt
  • 1T maple syrup
  • cinnamon
  • 1T coconut oil
  • 1/2 banana, cut into quarters

Cook the oats on the stove as directed.  I placed 2T of dry oats in the mix in order to have some chewiness with the creaminess.  Add in a beaten, tempered egg (for added protein, may omit) and whisk well.  Whisk in chia seeds, 1/2 of the banana cubes, maple (replacing brown sugar), and cinnamon.  Oatmeal should be thick at this point.  You can’t have papa bear oats if they aren’t thick!  At this point you will stir in your coconut oil (replacing butter) to the oats for some healthy fats.  Top your oats with the remaining banana cubes and add a splash of almond milk  (replacing heavy cream)  to the top 🙂

112010 012

Now for my coconut oil, I used this….

 112010 015

Jenn from Kelapo was so kind to send me a jar of their Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to try. If I haven’t told you already, I am a huge fan of coconut oil! But you have to be careful when choosing a coconut oil since some are more processed than others. I like my coconut oil to have a good coconut taste to it, and to be smooth.  Kelapos does and is also very smooth 🙂

Harvested from exclusive coconut palms in Sri Lanka, this 100% organic, trans fat free oil can be used as an all-natural, flavorful, and energy packed, butter alternative.”

You can read more about their company at

*  disclaimer:  I am in no way being compensated for my views on products that I review on my blog.  I give you my honest opinion on products that I use or try, the opinions are my own.*

I have used the coconut oil over the weekend in all of my recipes and I have been greatly satisfied with the results.  I have stirred it into oatmeal, vegetables, and used in pancakes as well!  I can’t wait to make some of my “coconut fudge” tonight.  I will share that little tid bit with you guys tomorrow.

Of course if you choose to make this with the original recipe using the sugar, butter, and cream then feel free to enjoy.  It is really great both ways, just healthier my way 🙂

         112010 014

This almost took me back to child hood teenager-hood. 

Almost!  I mean I did clean all day Saturday.  Where is my weekend money?  MOM!!!

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