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what I am loving right now!

Wow what a week.  We have been slam packed with ball games this week.  As well as homework!

I mean really, do you remember having so much homework as a kid.  This makes it super tuff with ball season in full swing.  We usually get home around 4:00 p.m. from work/school.  We have to be on the ball field for practice or games by 5:30.  Hello that is only an hour to do homework.  Cuz you know you gotta drive to the field and all.  It is usually between 7:30-8:00 before we get home.  Just enough time to eat, shower, and hit the bed.  Oh wait we still have to finish homework!

I am voting for no homework during ball season.  Who’s with me?

Needless to say I am really enjoying my quick go to meals here lately.  So here are some pictures of things I am loving right now 🙂

Single Lady Oats – because they just make me smile 🙂

blog photos 873   

Quick but delicious salads

blog photos 815blog photos 818

blog photos 836

Quinoa Pasta – toss in some oil, herbs, and choice of veggies = dinner is ready!

blog photos 877

Pancakes – because who doesn’t love these for dinner??

 blog photos 863

 blog photos 893  

Buckwheat Bakes – need I say more?

blog photos 915

Of course the wonderful world of oats!

blog photos 897

Stuffed french toast – a taste of Europe, at least a girl can dream 🙂

blog photos 794  

Quick snacks to take to games – Granola & my new favorite muffins – recipes found on my recipe page!

blog photos 903blog photos 476

And last but not least – wine.  Every busy mom’s friend!

blog photos 630

The hubster and I had a wonderful date night last night that included a little shopping (for the house) and dinner.  I had a wonderful Portobello mushroom Panini.  I regretfully have no pictures.  We were so excited to have a free night to ourselves that I totally forgot to pack blogging necessities!

Happy Thursday All!!

14 thoughts on “what I am loving right now!”

  1. There is so much good food in this post! I vote no HW during ball season too!! Adam doesn’t have too much homework yet (mostly reading & spelling) – but I hear it will come in 3rd and 4th grade!

    I love that Riesling Relax – too bad we don’t live closer or we could enjoy a glass together!! 🙂

  2. I love pancakes for dinner!! I agree that homework has increased substantially. I don’t have school-aged kids yet, but when I was teaching I was required to give my 5th graders 90 minutes of homework a night. My FIRST graders had to have a minimum of 30 minutes and 3rd graders 60 minutes (I taught a few different grades :-)) It’s insane!

  3. Those strawberry-coconut pancakes are gorgeous! You’re making me hungry!

    I’m a teacher. I make my kids work HARD all day and then I err on the side of little-to-no homework. It’s so hard to please everyone, though. If I don’t give homework, some people complain. If I do give homework, some people complain. All I know is that if I had children, I’d rather read with them, play with them and talk to them than spend precious time on homework!

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