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Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras mambo, mambo, mambo….

Mardi Gras mambo, mambo, mambo…

Mardi Gras mambooo, down in New Orleans


Oh sorry about that, I get a little carried away 🙂

Today is what we call Fat Tuesday.  Fat Tuesday is actually what Mardi Gras stands for in the French Language.  So what is Fat Tuesday?  It is the last day before lent.  It is the last day/night of eating richer, fattier foods before the lent season begins on Ash Wed.  Now I am not of a religion that acknowledges lent, but Mardi Gras is a LA tradition, so it is celebrated by all no matter what religion you are.  I mean come on – who doesn’t love an excuse to eat and drink to your little hearts desire??

So I started off my morning with a little pancake action.  I love my pancakes!

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Berry Bomb  Pancakes

  • your favorite pancake recipe
  • cocoa powder
  • raspberries, blueberries, strawberries
  • coconut butter
  • peanut butter

blog photos 810blog photos 811

Mix your pancake batter together, with coco powder, add in some mixed berries, and cook until nice and brown on both sides.  I topped two of my pancakes with coconut butter, the other two with peanut butter.  More berries placed on top for garnish.  This is my basic go to pancake recipe.  You can find them on my recipes page 🙂

Unfortunately I am not doing the Mardi Gras mambo down in New Orleans.  It is not exactly a kid friendly place.  Of course you will see people with their kiddos on the parade route, heck you will even see it on Bourbon St., but I for one do not believe that it is a place that a child should be. 

Take a trip down to New Orleans (anytime of year), email me so I can met you there, and you can see for yourself!

Instead I will be Mardi Grasing at…..

blog photos 812

My Sis & Bro-N-Laws house!  For none other than a Louisiana cuisine of crawfish 🙂

blog photos 814

We do love our mud bugs.  What you’ve never seen a crawfish?  Sorry, my pictures do not do them justice.  It was raining and the wind was blowing hard.  Plus I had to jump in to eat before they were all gone!

All of you book a flight right now and come on down to try some crawfish out for yourselves.  As for my vegetarian/vegan friends.  We have corn, potatoes, mushrooms, and other veggies you can enjoy.  Heck we even throw in some asparagus, green beans, or possibly even artichokes on occasions.  We LA people will “boil” pretty much anything 🙂


Not to mention we have an array of items for cocktail hour.  Ever had a hurricane or hand grenade?  I didn’t think so.  That is reason enough to head on down to my town (I love to rhyme at times)!

Of course since we are boiling crawfish, we stick to good ol’ beer 🙂

But you could enjoy any type of drink you wish.  Really, we won’t judge.  I have been known to have a lovely glass of wine beside me at a boil.  Oh and you always want to have some water nearby.  Cuz you know – it is really spicy!

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