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I am a simple girl.  Mind you the hubster may argue that point, but I promise admit I can be am a simple girl.  Of course one must keep things a little difficult at home to keep the hubster on his toes, right?

Let me try to clarify a little for you.

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1.  Overnight Oats:

Can you get any more simple than that!  Does it matter that I have to have yogurt in my overnight oats or I will not eat them?  It’s true.  While some people will make overnight oats with milk & water only, I will not eat them unless some yogurt is involved!

Now the hubster may argue and say that is how I make it complicated, I say blah blah blah….so a girl likes a little yogurt!  Not just any yogurt.  But Chobani black cherry yogurt – yummy 🙂

            • Chobani black cherry yogurt
            • 1/3c oats
            • 2T flaxseed
            • 1/3c almond milk
            • 1/3c water

Place all ingredients into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap.  Place in fridge overnight.  In the morning unwrap and enjoy!

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2.  Kindle:

Hello, simple!  All my books in one nice “Virtual” space.  No more clutter on the shelves, no more crying over ruined pages since the kiddos spilt something on them, no more searching the attic, closet, cabinets, etc for that one book that you just know you have & love but for the life of you can’t find!  It’s a click away now 🙂

The hubster would argue that I can’t keep it simple because now I insist on finding the perfect case for my new baby.  Come on a girl needs a little Coach (by the way Coach – you really need to make a kindle case!).  What is so complicated about wanting a stylish case for such a cherished item??

3.  Oatmeal:

Yes, again – simple!  I had oatmeal for lunch today.  Why?  Because it’s easy!  I didn’t have any leftover’s and didn’t feel like chopping up ingredients for a salad.  Remember today is all about me proving I am simple.  So I throw some oats, milk, water, smashed banana, cottage cheese, cinnamon, and cranberries into a bowl and go.  Pop it in the microwave for a few minutes = lunch!

The hubster would argue that I am complicated because I will only eat a certain kind (brand) of oats.  Of course this depends on what I am using the oats for as well.  So not only is it a certain kind, but several different certain kinds.  I mean a girl needs regular oats, steel cut oats, and scottish oats – right??

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4.  Yogurt:

Simple snack!  Just pop the top off of the container and dig in with a spoon.  I enjoyed a lovely snack of lemon flavored Chobani yogurt this afternoon.  I.  Love.  This.  Flavor.  Of course I am a sucker for lemony desserts, so this was a perfect snack 🙂

The hubster would argue that I am complicated because I will only eat a certain type of yogurt.  What is so complicated about Greek?  I mean I will eat pretty much any brand, it just has to be Greek!

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5.  Frozen Marinara:

What is better on a Monday afternoon that coming home, thawing out some marinara sauce, cooking some pasta, and dinner is served.  I love frozen leftovers!  They save you time, energy, and on Monday – sanity!

The hubster would argue….wait a minute….he actually wouldn’t be able to argue with frozen marinara.  Now pasta on the other hand is an entirely different story.  But I bet you that would be his argument for this point.  But pasta has nothing to do with the fact that I saved lot’s of time by having frozen marinara!

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6.  Pre-roasted Veggies:

Remember those lovely veggies I stole graciously accepted from my dad yesterday?  What you don’t remember?  Check them out here.  But I roasted a bunch of them last night.  So we had a side dish to go with our spaghetti.  Just pop in the microwave and reheat.

The hubster… argument here.  He get’s to save money because I stole graciously accepted these from my dad 🙂

So there you have it.  I am a simple girl 🙂

6 thoughts on “Simply….Me”

  1. Love it! I actually have never tried Chobani which I realize is probably a tragedy. I’ve got to get on that.

    P.S.- I made your Banana Cream Pie Oatmeal this morning and it was DELICIOUS! And I was so surprised at how the banana made it so much more of a filling breakfast than just the oats. Wonderful! 🙂

  2. Ooops, I’m one of those people who makes overnight oats with milk and water. I actually hate the way yogurt tastes in my OO’s, I don’t know why. I’m with you on the ease of pre-roasting a bunch of veggies. It’s so nice to just pull them out of the fridge and heat them up.

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