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to chew or not to chew

Not to chew 😦 

Why or why, I wonder daily, did I have to be the lucky person to need adult braces?  I was obviously very naughty in my past life, or maybe I am very naughty in my current one, hmmm!  I would punch TMJ and alignment in the facehole if I could 🙂

I know I ranted yesterday about being tortured adjusted, so I will spare you guys a recap.  I would like to discuss a topic that I have been toying with for a little while now.  Gluten Free, anyone?  If you have knowledge on this please email me some advice, tips, grumbles, rants, whatever –

Moving on – Gluten Free.  Like I said, I have toyed around with this for a little while.  It all began when my mom mentioned that she thinks she may possibly have a gluten sensitivity.  She watches Dr. Oz like it’s her job!  I started doing some research for her about this topic, which had my intellectual wheels a turning.

So it does seem that my mom could possibly have a gluten sensitivity.  During my research I have found that I too have some issues that could be a reaction to having too much gluten in my diet.  Do I think that I am gluten sensitive?  I’m not sure.  I still have a lot of research to do on this topic.  So far I have read two books, and while they were a little informative, they both were more or less about that person’s personal journey.  Like I said some good information but nothing informative about gluten in and of itself. 

I must tell you I love bread, and I love my pasta.  Oh yeah I am also married to an Italian so both are staples in our household.  Now I know they have gluten free pastas.  I have used them and like them.  They are however a good bit more pricey than a hearty whole wheat – not so great when you need to get on a strict food budget.  Bread is my downfall.  I do not have to have bread every night, but I do like my wraps for lunch, my muffins, biscotti’s, etc.  So this is a very difficult decision for me to make.  Do I give it up to see if this helps me, or do I continue to deal with bloat/digestive issues as I have always done?  I have a lot of decisions to make and soul searching to do.

I think that one reason this is difficult for me is because I do not have an allergy to the stuff or something such as Celiac’s.  If is was medically necessary then I would have no second thoughts on the issue.  I have also been told to look into the possibly of dairy causing my issues.  What?  Not that too!  I ❤ my Greek yogurt and occasional cheese.

So if any of you out there can offer me any insight please do.  I will continue over the course of the next several days to research, read, and pray about this decision.

So on to brighter things – As I have already stated I can’t chew 😦  My teeth hurt, have you ever had your teeth hurt?  It is no fun.  This may even require me to cancel date night with the hubster (home husband not work husband) tomorrow night! 

My day has been full of soft eats and warm drinks (hello I am freezing).  I mean come on, if I have to be freezing can’t a girl get some snow?  This morning started with a nice bowl of Cream of Wheat and a hot cup of coffee.

blog photos 359

I topped it with maple syrup and cinnamon, a little indulgence for all the pain I am enduring. 

blog photos 558

I had a second cup of coffee, pecan praline, later in the morning, but this afternoon I enjoyed a nice hot chai latte. 

blog photos 573

Enjoyed some lovely Zesty Kale Stoup for lunch.

blog photos 576blog photos 577

Did a 20 minute podcast for beginners yoga via yoga download.  It just happens that Kohl ended up getting a hold of my camera while I was doing this.  He did manage to get a few clear pics, and a lot of nonsense pictures of my!  Hey I couldn’t stop him, I wan concentrating on the yoga!

I did enjoy doing this routine.  This was only my second time trying yoga.  I am trying to make it part of my weekly schedule. 

I must admit that without my usual hearty snacks I have had a time with staying satisfied today.  I miss my fruit 😦

This could also have something to do with my hungry time of the month.  This afternoon I decided that I wanted something that was of course warm, tasty, and a little indulgent.  So I enjoyed some….

Coconut Griddle Cakes!  I used an extra tablespoon of coconut flour and let it sit for 10 minutes this time.  A thicker, heartier batter.  Give them I try, I promise you will like them 🙂

blog photos 579

I topped these babies with some coconut & peanut butter “syrup”.  Just mix some coconut & peanut butter together with a tablespoon of almond milk, pop it in the microwave, then drizzle on top of griddle cakes.  I used real butter in between the layers, and I made my own darn snow 🙂

blog photos 578

Tonight’s dinner will be some leftover soup that I had frozen.  I am sure we will enjoy it with such a cold dreary day.

I am off now to read/research, relax, build a fire, and pray that I can eat tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “to chew or not to chew”

  1. Hi Helen! I too have been exploring the gluten free side of life lately. For the last couple of years I’ve been suffering a chronically stuffy nose along with bloaty, gassy feelings all the time. I had some allergy testing done and the dr. said that I was allergic to baker’s yeast of all things. So I decided to not only cut out yeasted bread but all gluten as well. My daughter, who has had GI problems for ages decided to go along with me. It has done wonders for her, no more pain or bloating and emergency trips to the bathroom (sorry, TMI). I myself don’t have a problem with gluten itself, but I am sensitive to wheat, so I keep it to a minimum. The best thing I’ve done is had an ALCAT test done, it shows sensitivity/intolerance to foods, chemicals, food colorings and much more. It’s fairly expensive (my panel cost $475 for 150 foods) but it shows you what could be messing up your system. Mine did show that I can’t tolerate whey or casein very well, so I did cut out all milk products, including my beloved afternoon snack of greek yogurt and blueberries (which just so happened to be on my severe list). But since I did that, I’ve lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks, my nose is clear and I’m feeling much better all around. Sure I love yogurt, cheese, ice cream and all, but if it’s going to make me feel bad, then I’m gonna cut it out. I’ve had numerous health issues in the last 6 years, so whatever I can do to make myself healthy is way worth not being able to eat something. There are several gluten free blogs I follow that are a wealth of information. I’ll pass them on if you’d like, just let me know. And I’m thinking of getting braces, so I’ll keep an eye on your progress/pain 🙂 Have a great day!

      1. The one’s I really like are :

        They all have recipes and tips, and the writing is really wonderful! Good Luck!

  2. Hmmm.. Where should I begin? First off as an orthodontic assistant and a survivor of braces (3 times! yep I said 3 times) I cause and know your pain. 🙂 I too have been on the fence about going gluten free. I have been a long time sufferer of IBS which seems to be getting worse as time goes on, but I have also been experiencing different symptoms like joint pain, dizziness, and headaches. During the holidays this year I had some time off work and I did cut out all gluten for about a week or so, and in just that short of time I did start to feel better. I was doing great and then the family wanted pizza and I have zero, zip, NO willpower against pizza, well let me tell you my tummy was not happy but I still have not made the switch to gluten free. I need to just go and have testing done because like you if I am not officially diagnosed with the problem then it’s much harder to resist even though I know how it makes me feel. They do have gluten free wraps and breads and now alot of places are offering gluten free alternatives so I think now it’s much easier if you do end up deciding to avoid it. You could also go to Dr. Mercola’s website and he has alot of information about the affects of gluten even for people who are not sensitive to it, maybe this would help you with your decision. (I saw him on Dr. Oz, I like to think he’s my doctor 😉 )

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