I have been robbed!  Don’t worry it wasn’t that type of “robbed”, but I still feel violated.  I finally had the opportunity to get out and do some grocery shopping today.  Not fun with two sick kids.  Had it not been for the fact that we were desperately low on food items I would have kept them at home.  They still aren’t able to attend school because of a fever.  It is low but still there 😦

Back to being robbed.  I am always on the lookout for new things to try, good deals, sales, you know the usual stuff all of us foodies look out for.  Well I saw this cute little thing in the produce section of the store, and I must admit it made me curious.  So what was it?  Here you go.

A Melissa’s sweet young coconut.  I was very curious about this little gem.  For a lovely price of $2.98 I could bring this baby home with me.  In the cart it went.  On the drive home, I was dreaming of fresh coconut with yogurt, oatmeal, fruit salad, etc.  I was super excited. 

Once at home I “hacked” into this little baby asap.  Uhhhh where is the coconut?  I basically just paid for freaking coconut water.  I buy that in a carton (which gives me more) for under two bucks!  I mean seriously, the whole scoop the flesh out with a spoon deal…whatever!  I think I had may 1/8 cup of “coconut flesh” which is basically used to mix with the water to make milk.  I buy that in a can for under a buck – I have been robbed!!

This threw me into a great depression in which I wasn’t able to bring myself to set foot back into the kitchen, rendering me recipeless (yes I made that up).  I am mortified, I will now need retail therapy for at least two weeks.

Just kidding!  I will be honest with you and tell you that I just had a lot of leftovers.  I had my Uncle’s funeral yesterday so I had made plenty of leftovers for last night & tonight in case I needed to stay with my momma.  So no recipes tonight:(

But I will leave you with this:


I came across my wedding file while organizing today and I wanted to share with you guys.  We had our wedding/honeymoon at Sandals Resort in Jamaica.  It was so beautiful and fun.  One of my most cherished memories 🙂

I will be back tomorrow with food – pinky swear!


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