Saying Goodbye to 2010!

I know the post is a little late, but I really needed some rest after all of the celebratory activities last night 🙂 

blog photos 282

The hubster and I rang in the new year with some wonderful friends…..sorry no pics – they are all on my friend’s phone!  I totally left my camera in the car and since it was storming I wasn’t about to run back out to get it. 

We started our celebration at the Martini Bar above our local sushi restaurant.  Next we headed down a few blocks to the local pub for a fun night of dancing!!

So what are my top 10 memories/moments of 2010…..here we go!

saints rule

  • My Saints win the super bowl


  • Intro to clean eating

  • Yogi Bear vacation

anniversary 014

  • Anniversary beach trip

blog photos 019

  • Kohl started Pre-K

  • Noah’s 1st year of Coaches pitch


  • Kohl writing his name for the first time

concert 024

  • Taking my sister to her very first concert

blog photos 219

  • Baking/decorating my sister’s 10th birthday cake

blog photos 300

  • My babies awake at 5 a.m. to open Santa (seriously the first time they have ever done that)

These are just a few of the memories I have, looking forward to 2011 🙂


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