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Thanksgiving the Pre-K way

What better way to start a Thursday morning than by running late? Um, running late knowing that you have a meeting to attend! Yep, I was running a little behind time this morning. Maybe that is because my greedy self decided to take the extra time it takes to make my “Thanksgiving” oats. This means that I had to chop the apple, dice the banana, oh and let’s not forget about “whipping” the eggs before adding them into the mix!

Oh but it was so worth it J You know how it is, if you have a craving nothing will satisfy you until you get that one thing. I know this! Which is why I took the extra time (even with waking 15 minutes later than usual) to make that yummy bowl of oatmeal.

I did make it to the meeting, was able to get some therapy thrown into the mix, as well as a little paperwork before it was time for this!

Thanksgiving dinner with my little man at school. The majority of the food was provided by a local deli with the extras (drinks, napkins, etc.) supplied by the students. It was so fun and exciting J

My little Indian is so cute! His little class was dressed as Indians and Pilgrims for the feast J

We had turkey, ham, corn bread stuffing, corn, green beans, and rolls.

The dessert choices were pecan pie and pumpkin pie – I enjoyed a small taste of pecan while Kohl devoured the pumpkin J

It was a great Thanksgiving feast – I am as stuffed as a turkey now!

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