Birthday a Success!

It was such an exciting day!  I started off my morning with the hubster bringing me a nice cup of coffee & a cozy fire 🙂



Breakfast was none other than a  bowl of pumpkin oats, topped with cranberries, granola, peanut butter, and apple butter!


The boys gave me a pack of Starbucks Caramel Coffee, they know how mom loves her coffee!  Great job to the hubster for remembering!  We always pick up a little something for each other just for them to give us 🙂  Kids love birthdays! 


Two very beautiful cards….cards are my favorite thing to get.  It tells me that someone put thought into my gift.  You must take the time to read and pick out the perfect card!


We started of the day with a little shopping trip!  First stop, PJ’s Coffee 🙂  I had to pick up a few items from Ulta (primer & lip stain). 


Made a stop at TJ Maxx which was not a success.  I was looking for a new robe but not finding exactly what I want.  Guess I will just have to order one from Victoria’s Secret so I know it will be what I want 🙂


Next stop the shoe shop.  I scored these awesome boots (regular price – 130) for, sit down if you are standing, 25$.  That’s right over a hundred bucks off!  I had four coupons to use…lol!  I am tempted to go back today.  They had some lovely brown boots I would like as well!



New dishes for the kitchen!!  I am so excited about this gift 🙂  I know it sounds crazy to want dishes for your birthday but hey I am easy to please 🙂


New slippers! And pizza for lunch 🙂  I haven’t had a “regular” pizza in months….today is totally a treat/cheat day for me!



Cake time!  I am not a fan of birthday cake; therefore, I made my own cake.  You know kids…gotta have cake if it’s a birthday!  Kohl was excited about mom’s cake.  It is a yellow cake with ganache as the “frosting”.  I used Angela’s recipe for the ganache, it was amazing!  I did add some raspberry extract to it as opposed to the vanilla, yummy!  I also used a basic cake recipe from The Joys Of Cooking!  Of course I cleaned it up a little with unbleached all purpose flour and turbinado sugar as opposed to white sugar.


All dressed up to go and eat!

We went to Bone Fish Grill tonight, I was in the mood for grilled fish.  We started with some lovely bread with EVOO & Pesto for dipping. 




An order of Bang Bang Shrimp…..


My plate was the Mahi Mahi topped with a crab cream sauce and lobster, spaghetti squash, and steamed asparagus!


  The hubster enjoyed grilled Chilean Sea bass topped with crab butter sauce, spaghetti squash, and au gratin potatoes. OMG, that is the best fillet of fish!!  

This meal was so delish….hit the spot!


Of course you must have some dessert to share when it is your birthday!  Brownie with raspberry sauce, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream…..an old fav 🙂

I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine throughout the night, after all it is a celebration!  It was a wonderful birthday 🙂


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