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Banana Pudding

I have just had the best lunch ever!  I mean really, it was so good.  But first let’s talk breakfast 🙂

This morning I decided that a little change was in order.  Since the weather is changing, the wardrobe is changing, the time is changing, why not change the menu!


Banana Cream of Wheat

  • 3 tbs. cream of wheat
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/2 sliced banana
  • vanilla extract
  • dash of salt
  • 2 tbs. flaxseed
  • 2 tbs. wheat germ
  • cinnamon, raisins, shredded coconut, peanut butter


Combine the milk, water salt, and banana in a sauce pan and bring to a slight boil.  Whisk in the cream of wheat and cook according to package directions.  Add in the flax, wheat germ, vanilla, and cinnamon towards the end of cooking.  This is your basic cream of wheat with sliced banana & cinnamon, topped with raisins, shredded coconut, and peanut butter 🙂


I do love some cream of wheat, just about as much as oats!


I had this little treat waiting in my box at work today!  So sweet of them to do these little things for us 🙂  I am saving the Hershey’s bar for Kohl – it is his favorite candy!

Since change is the topic of the day, I decided to change up the cooler today.  I enjoyed a Larabar for my a.m. snack…apple pie!  The apple pie is one of my favs as far as flavors go!  These little snacks are so easy and you can have them just about anywhere.  I always have one in my purse….just in case 🙂


Lunch today was a southwestern tuna wrap.  In the mix: tuna, salsa, black olives, green bell peppers, and spinach.  Really simple but yummy!


Now for the star of lunch.  Drumroll please……Banana Pudding – for lunch?  Why yes, thank you 🙂



This was super simple, super delish!!  Greek yogurt mixed with vanilla protein powder, sliced bananas, and a crumbled orange-cranberry muffin to stand as my “wafers” 🙂

You gotta try this!!

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