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Sleepy Sunday

My youngest son was is sick; therefore, we I slept maybe 4 hours last night.  Of course he comes in to wake me up at 6:30 this morn!  At least the hubster had a nice cup of coffee waiting for me….didn’t take long to drink it down.

I decided to have something different for breakfast this morn.  It was yummy but I wish I would have stuck with my good ol oats!  Pumpkin pie cream of wheat with walnut butter syrup, apples, and some diced prunes on top.

The boys left around 8:30 to go plant food plots at the hunting camp.  It is officially deer season here in Louisiana…..maybe the grocery bill will decrease soon! 

Once they were on their way I hit the campus for a nice jog/walk.  I completed 4 miles total (yay me!).  It was a mixture of jogging and walking….2 & 1/2 miles at a jog, the other mileage at a brisk walk.  My poor legs feslt so heavy from my lack of sleep.  The sky was beautiful, it was cool, breezy, a perfect morning for a jog.  Wish I wouldn’t have been so darn tired!!

Back home I refueled with the 2nd half of my Larabar from yesterday, hit the shower, dressed for game day (go Saints), and headed out to run my errands.

1st stop….PJ’s Coffee Shop!  Bananas Foster iced coffee with soy 😉

After my coffe stop I headed over to my worst nightmare Wal Mart to pick up supplies for the requested game snacks. 

After unpacking the bags I grabbed some lunch….Grilled apple/cheese on Great Harvest honey wheat bread with apple slices, almond thins, and a nice glass of water.

Snacks for the game!

I baked the rolls using the recipe from Oh She Glows for fluffy pull apart rolls.  They were so delish!  The husband even loved them, which says a lot since he is a bread fanatic (Italians and their bread)!

Purchased this beer today that some random lady swore was soooo good…..not liking it very much 😦  Note to self – stick with your fav!!

My lovely plate of snacks!  This is not what I normally eat, from now on I will stick with my veggies and hummus.  But those rolls are kicking!!

Dinner tonight will be leftovers from the past two nights.  I hate to waste food!!  I will be having the same as last night while the hubster will have his cheeseburger!  Of to bed early tonight for sure, hopefully I can get some sleep.  Have a wonderful evening!!

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